Pizzas I Grew Up On

A good way to get your kid to be good at something is to start them off early. Usually this applies to sports or another hobby, but in my case I’ve been eating pizza as long as I can remember and now here I am with a blog about it. I thought it would be fun to go back and memorialize all of the pizzas who made me the girl I am today.  Continue reading

Pizza Guide: Fenway Park / Red Sox Games


fenway park red sox pizza

Papa Gino’s inside Fenway – not recommended

Fenway Park is one of my favorite places in Boston. Aside from the love being thanks to my love of the Red Sox, I actually went to Simmons College a few blocks away and worked at Fenway for a few years before I graduated. Needless to say, I’ve spent a LOT of time around the ballpark and kept a close eye on the many changes happening to the neighborhood and its pizza options.

With concession prices at a ridiculous level, grabbing some drinks and grub before going into Fenway is essential. The ownership has improved a lot of the concession food over the past few years (shout out to Tasty Burger!) but sadly, the pizza is not one of those things (see above.) If you ever find yourself at a Red Sox game or Fenway concert craving pizza instead of typical baseball food, this guide is for you.

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Spukies’n Pizza – Dorchester, MA


Grubhub roulette can be kind of scary, especially in Dorchester. Let’s just say that in my neck of the woods in Ashmont there are a lot of delivery restaurants that aren’t super well marketed, with very mixed reviews. Grubhub was running a great promo over the weekend, so we decided to take a shot on Spukies’n Pizza in Lower Mills for dinner. I actually pass them on a regular basis on my runs, but we usually just order Pat’s, which is maybe two blocks closer to our house. After our experience with Spukies’n Pizza, we’ve got a solid new option!

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